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August 18, 2020
The Truth Surface
The Truth Surfaces
July 10, 2023

Find out the packages dental tourists can avail at Sonría Dental Clinic in Costa Rica. Best Dental services Costa RicaSituated in Costa Rica, Sonria is a dental clinic dedicated to providing the best dental services to its clients. Receiving both local and foreign patients, Sonria maintains high-quality treatment at affordable rates for dental tourists. With increasing dental issues and skyrocketing prices in the USA and Canada, many people are not able to afford timely treatment. This delay culminates into serious complications that would incur even greater costs down the road.

Hearing this consternation, Sonria Dental Clinic strives to bring handsome dental packages for the ease of its foreign customers. Reserving top-quality dental services in Costa Rica, Sonria promises you will leave the clinic satisfied with your treatment.

Smile Makeover Package

Sonria understands that cosmetic dentistry plays a vital role in the appearance and following the self-esteem of the patient. With state-of-the-art equipment, Sonria offers competent dental veneers to bring you the smile you deserve.

What Does it Include?

Priced at $3600, this package is specially designed for those looking for a whiter, brighter and beautiful smile with the best porcelain veneers. Get a tailor-made smile with the help of this unbelievable package that allows you to alter the shape, size, and color of your teeth.

Get free transportation for all your dental appointments, a whole day tour along with dental service of 6 porcelain veneers, dental cleaning, and laser whitening.

What you Save?

With the same expertise and quality equipment, you will save around 50% for treatment here at Sonria than back in the USA!

Full Smile Makeover Package

With the staggering prices of dental treatments in the USA, Sonria steps in to provide some relief to foreign customers. Since you are travelling to attain the best service at lower prices, Sonria brings to you a full smile makeover package to only send you back with your desired smile!

What Does it Include?

Priced at $11, 600, you can get everything you need for a complete smile makeover here. Since you don’t want to make trips, again and again, it is best to fix your smile in one go. With a whiter smile, get the added support of crowns to improve your bite and eating experience.

Get 12 upper and lower crowns each as well as 24 temporary crowns. Along with this, tourists get free transportation to and from the airport as well as their dental appointments.

What you Save?

 With significantly higher prices in the USA, American tourists get to save around 40% to 50% at Sonria Dental Clinic.

All on 4 Package

Sonria is well aware of the high need for dental implants compared to the number of people who can afford this treatment. This is the bane of many American and Canadian citizens who experience ridiculously high prices of dental implants back home.

What Does it Include?

Sonria has designed this package for people with missing teeth or those who are tired of wearing loose dentures. With this package, Sonria aims to solve these problems.

The package includes 4 dental implants, the option of fixed dentures extractions, bone graft, fixed dentures over implants, as well as a transportation facility.

What you Save?

With high prices of teeth restoration in the USA, save around 52% with similar dental services in Costa Rica.


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    I have two crowns to replace, how long will that take and how much will it cost

  2. Eyvonne says:

    What is the price of all on 4 package

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