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Costa Rica Dental Implants
Costa Rica Dental Implants Are Increasing in Popularity. Why?
enero 1, 2020
Advantages of Costa Rica Dental Veneers
Advantages of Costa Rica Dental Veneers
enero 13, 2020
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Costa Rica Dental Implant Cost Fact vs Fiction

Costa Rica Dental Implant Cost Fact vs Fiction

We have seen many advancements in dentistry and they have been great.  But the body, bone, osseointegration and implant stability has never changed.  We cannot make an implant that joins to the bone quicker. We cannot make bone that will integrate quicker.  If they do, is it better….not in my body because 4-6 months for perfection and a life-time is not that long to wait.  If I am having a knee replacement, I want the very best and longest lasting knee implants and that is Zimmer. Zimmer is the only dental implant we use.

All implants are coated with Hydroxyapatite.  There are very few companies, Zimmer, that have many years’ experience with bonding hydroxyapatite to the implants.  This is the only reason implants bond to the bone; not because of the treads but because of the naturally producing product called hydroxyapatite. That is the only reason a broken arm bones fuse together. Bone will never fuse to bone without hydroxyapatite as the «glue».  

That is where many of the «imported or inexpensive» implants fail.  The hydroxyapatite comes off or flakes off as they are being placed in the bone. Then the bone will hold onto the portion that still has the hydroxyapatite but rejects the bare «titanium» portion of the implant.  The rejection wins over the portion that is bonded so the implant eventually fails.

Similar to a box of galvanized nails from Home Depot versus from The Dollar Tree Discount Store. If you are building a dock into the ocean, you must have the quality galvanized nails, so they do not rust.  If you choose to use The Dollar Tree galvanized nails, they look the same and nail the same but are not the same.  As you put the nails into your dock and even one speck of galvanization comes off, the nail will eventually rust throughout, and your dock will crash into the ocean.  It is always a risk when both products look, feel and are placed the same. We will use the very best implant on the market called Zimmer.

The ADA offers dentist a recommended cost for every procedure.  When inputted into the ADA system Zimmer implant, custom made abutments, all the branded parts (nothing generic) and Porcelain fused to Zirconia crowns, the cost in the USA would be about $4,500.00. per tooth.  For the exact same in CR, the cost for the same at Sonria is estimated at about $1,750.00.

Being a USA dentist myself, many USA clinics are trying to compete with each other using generic or low-grade foreign implants (China, Guatemala, Mexico, Vietnam, etc…).  In addition, many low-cost USA clinics are using Base Metals (Chromium, beryllium, lead, etc….) to save money.  Sonria only uses Porcelain fused to Zirconia or solid Zirconia

If you require a bone graft after an extraction fill the empty socket to support the implant, we only use PurOs bone. This is pure cadaver bone from the USA. Very few clinics have the ability to get the PurOs bone. Many clinics will use synthetic bone that is plastic particle chips mixed with animal bone. Yes, this is less expensive, and we will not jeopardize your success by using substandard materials. We plan on your implants to last you a lifetime and not a few years.

We buy all of our materials from the distributors in the USA. Since we are not competing with the USA dentists, we have a lower price structure.  The business insurance in CR is minimal compared to the Malpractice insurance in the USA for each doctor at $100,000 per year.  The clinic cost of doing business is 80% less than the USA.  I could go on and on but that gives you an idea of how the cost in Costa Rica is less than the USA and we use the very best materials and same educated dentist and specialists available.  

If you want the very best products, materials, surgeon and dentist skill and expertise and state of the art sterilization, our team at Sonria Dental would be honored to assist you. But we will not subject you to potential failure but only will provide you the best of the best. We hope to see you soon at Sonria Dental.

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