Full and Partial Dentures in Costa Rica

Full and Partial Dentures

What is a denture? Dentures are dental prostheses used to replace missing teeth. They are almost always used in patients that have lost all or almost all of their teeth, due to disease or trauma. Patients missing only a few teeth may be best served with partial dentures. Patients will many missing teeth may benefit from full dentures.

Today, dental implants are a preferred option for restoring lost teeth. However, some patients prefer Costa Rica Dentures because they are less expensive than dental implants or because of other health issues that may restrict some patients from dental surgery.

Medical conditions that might prevent a patient from qualifying for dental implants could include diabetes, certain types of cancer, or bad blood circulation. Dentures may be recommended for the following patients:

  • Patients with a long history of smoking
  • Patients that take anti-coagulants
  • Patients who don’t have enough jawbone needed for dental implants
  • Patients who are too young and are not ready yet for a permanent solution
  • Patients that cannot or do not wish to have dental surgery

Costa Rica Dentures restore natural chewing functions, encourage normal speech and allow the patient to eat almost all types of food. They also restore a natural-looking smile and facial profile. Costa Rica Dentures are a “tried and true” solution and an affordable solution for many that cannot afford dental implants. Contact Sonria Dental Clinic today to discover whether dentures are the right solution for your needs or fill out the following form.