Your First Visit at Sonria Dental Clinic

Costa Rica Dental ClinicFor many people, visiting the dentist can be intimidating and uncomfortable. But at Sonria Dental Clinic, our clinic feels more like a spa, so most of our international patients tell us that they look forward to visiting the dentist. Ok…maybe they don’t “look forward” to going to the dentist, but at Sonria Dental Clinic we make every effort to make our patients feel as comfortable and “pampered” as possible.

You’ll notice the Sonria Dental Clinic difference from the very first “hello.” Our dental staff is bilingual and is happy to converse with you in English or Spanish. We know it can be a bit scary to receive medical or dental care in a foreign country. But at Sonria Dental Clinic, you can relax and feel free to communicate in your own language.

During your first visit, your dentist will provide a complete oral examination and will evaluate your unique dental needs. Your dentist will discuss your specific condition, what treatment options are recommended and what results you can expect. The dentist may ask questions about your medical and dental history and about any allergies you have or medicines you take. In some cases, your dentist may need to order x-rays or other types of tests in order to better assess your needs and provide an accurate treatment program.

You have a right to know and understand your dental treatment program. We are happy to answer any questions, and explain in detail any procedure being considered. We can also help you plan and schedule any needed appointments, help with travel arrangements and discuss costs and payment terms.

We’re here to make you smile, so you can expect that our team will treat you with courtesy, professionalism and genuine concern for your care.

If you’ve been thinking about getting dental care in Costa Rica, don’t delay any longer. Give us a call at Sonria Dental Clinic to discuss a full dental treatment plan in Costa Rica or fill out the form below. Let us help you change the way you think about “going to the dentist.”