Behind Every Great Dentist, is a Great Dental Lab

Dental Lab Costa Rica

In most cases, it’s the dentist who gets all the credit for a successful dental procedure. However, behind every dentist is a whole team of professionals—in both dental and non-dental areas—working to make the patient’s dental care a complete success.  These are the people that make it possible for our Costa Rica Dental Team to focus on you and your needs.

From the receptionist that welcomes you, to the managers of our Dental Boutique, we make sure that everyone working with us knows that your absolute satisfaction is our number-one priority. Our Costa Rica Dental Team are also backed by the expertise and resources of one of the leading dental labs in the Americas: VIAX.

We know that dental solutions should last virtually for a lifetime. To ensure that we meet patient expectations for the highest quality, we partner with a dental laboratory that delivers nothing but the best material and prosthetics. Viax Dental Technologies, our laboratory partner, has been in the business of providing dental solutions for many years. They are leaders in ongoing development of new materials and prosthetics that make our patients happy by ensuring consistently excellent dental outcomes every time. For our Costa Rica Dental Team, working with such a trustworthy provider is a satisfying experience.

The Best Dental Work in Costa Rica

Based in Florida, Viax Dental Technologies has opened a dental laboratory in Costa Rica, staffed with bilingual personnel. This allows us to obtain the dental pieces and materials we need in a timely manner, while benefiting from the quality and equipment from Viax’s state-of-the-art dental laboratory.  Our international patients benefit from high quality materials and fast delivery times to ensure that we never miss a patient deadline. You can be confident that at Sonria Dental Clinic you will receive the Best Dental Work in Costa Rica.

Smile again with Dental Implants in Costa Rica

dental boutique

The materials and prostheses we use meet the strictest standards of the ADA and surpass the expectations of international dental quality certifiers. In this way, our dental laboratory partner and our internal team make sure that every single patient receives only the best quality materials and technology.

The quality and the care are the same as you would receive at home. But there is a major difference: the cost.

Our location in Costa Rica allows us to offer the best Dental work in Costa Rica at prices that our patients can afford. This is yet another reason our patients return home with a smile.