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June 11, 2019
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January 1, 2020
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Choosing Dental Clinics in Costa Rica for Dental Implant

Missing teeth are the leading cause of many physical and psychological issues. They can lead to bone loss, eating issues, biting irregularities, speech issues, shifting structures, and decreased facial aesthetics. Patients who have a lot of missing teeth can have difficulty just performing routine tasks.

Around 178 million Americans have at least one missing tooth, while 40 million live without any teeth at all. They might be suffering through missing teeth issues due to the high cost of dental care in their country.

This is why a lot of patients are now traveling to Costa Rica for dental implants. Dental clinics like Sonria Dental Boutique can help patients get the affordable specialist care that they deserve.

Choosing Costa Rica for Dental Implants

If you decide to go to Costa Rica for dental implants, there are a lot of issues that you will be able to solve.

Shifting Structures

The biggest issue that even one missing tooth can create is called the ‘domino effect.’ The gap left behind by the tooth causes other teeth around it to move and shift. This can cause them to loosen and fall. Going to Costa Rica for dental implants can ensure that the gap is filled with the sturdy implant so that you don’t lose more teeth.

Eating Issues

The second thing that people face is problems while eating. Firstly, the missing tooth may create bite irregularities since there is no tooth to stimulate the jaw bone. This can exert pressure on the jaw bone and cause a lot of pain. Choosing Costa Rica for dental implants will ensure that your jaw is supported.

It can also cause difficulties for you while you are chewing. It may lead to improper grinding, which can negatively affect your nutritional intake and digestive system. Over time, this can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It is important to address this issue by choosing Costa Rica for dental implants.

Facial Aesthetics

Teeth give your face support and shape. The face can begin to look sunken in if the teeth are missing. This can affect how you look and can even cause self-esteem issues in some people due to their aged look.

Speech Issues

Teeth are instrumental in how you pronounce certain words. If you have missing teeth, you may notice spitting, slurring, or whistling while you talk. This can be embarrassing for some people, while for others, it may just be frustrating.

When there is an option to get affordable specialist care with Sonria Dental Boutique, why would you choose to suffer from dental problems? Choosing Costa Rica for dental implants can help you solve a lot of issues caused by missing teeth. It can also be a preventive measure that allows you to avoid problems in the future.

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