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All on 8 Dental Implants in Costa Rica with Experts
March 22, 2019
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Costa Rica Dental Implants | No More Missing Teeth Problems

Missing teeth can actually lead a lot of issues for patients like shifting structures, bone loss, difficulty in chewing, bite irregularities, decreased facial aesthetics, and speech issues. These problems can really cause everyday issues for patients performing their routine tasks. It is better to seek help at Sonria Dental Boutique so that you can address these issues head-on with Costa Rica dental implants.

No Problems with Costa Rica Dental Implants

There is a multitude of problems associated with missing teeth that Costa Rica dental implants can solve in an efficient and effective manner.

1.    Bone Loss

Teeth support the bone of the jaw similar to how exercise supports great muscle health. Without a tooth to stimulate the jaw bone, the unused bone can become atrophied. Costa Rica dental implants have tiny screws that fuse the implant to the bone for maximum support and strength. This leads to great support for the crown from the jaw bone and vice versa.

2.    Shifting Structures

The biggest issue with even one missing teeth is that it can create quite a huge gap for other teeth to shift and move. This can lead to the loosening of other teeth which in turn causes other teeth to fall as well. Similar to a domino effect, you may find yourself losing more teeth. Costa Rica dental implants can support other teeth and prevent this issue from increasing.

3.    Bite Irregularities

Shifting teeth due to a missing tooth can actually impact how you take a bite. Any irregularities in this process can lead to muscle pain, wear and tear of teeth, sensitivity, headaches or migraines, TMJD, or significant tooth loss. Costa Rica dental implants are strong enough to chew through everything and provide much-needed support for healthy habits.

4.    Chewing Difficulties

If you are missing any teeth, it may lead to the improper grinding of the teeth. This can affect the digestive system of the body and lead to different nutritional problems as well. It is important to get Costa Rica dental implants before you begin to face these issues.

5.    Facial Aesthetics

Teeth help by supporting the facial structure and gives shape to the face. With missing teeth, the face can look sunken and aged. Costa Rica dental implants help keep the structure of the face intact and keep you looking young.

6.    Speech Issues

The teeth in the mouth help with how you pronounce certain words as well. Missing teeth can lead to whistling, slurring or even spitting while you talk. This can often be a huge nuisance and even embarrassing for a lot of people. Costa Rica dental implants can help you get the support you need to speak properly. Sonria Dental Boutique deals with clients all over the world who come to tackle their missing teeth problems. It is important to seek expert dental care so that these issues don’t increase with time and you have to suffer through them routinely.

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