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Do I need a Prosthodontist?
May 12, 2016
Costa Rica Dental Costs
Costa Rica dental costs are 70% lesser than what you can get in USA
July 28, 2016

Visit Costa rica and leave with a new smile. Why? Sonria dental boutique is the reason.

At Sonria dental boutique, we have saddled ourselves with the responsibility of giving your teeth the treatment it deserves away from home, you no longer have to cancel your trips to Costa Rica because you have an impromptu appointment with your dentist, because we are here for you, there is a lot to laugh about in Costa Rica and we won’t let your dental issues deny you the opportunity of having the best moments when you are in Costa Rica and of course our Costa Rica dental prices are friendly.

We have been in the process of dental implants in Costa Rica for several years now and we and we will continue because we love you, we want you to have the best dental care and dental implants at pocket friendly costs at Costa Rica Dental Prices, we haven’t set our Costa Rica Dental Prices in such a way that only the rich can enjoy the privilege of a good dental care and a perfect dental implant in Costa Rica but we have made it suitable for all and sundry. Taking a walk out of Sonria dental boutique, you cannot avoid the urge to smile because that is our goal and once you walk in on us, you definitely walk out with lots of smiles, beaming full and showing off your well attended dentition to the world out there.

If you are starting to ask yourself questions like why should you come to us for your dental care? I will give you the answers.
Our dental cost is just what you are looking for, if you have been procastinating your visit to the dentist you need not bother anymore because our dental cost at which you can get a dental implant is here to sweep you off your feet. Have you ever had a dental implant? Compare the cost you incurred earlier to what we are offering you now, this is Costa Rica, this is Sonria Dental Boutique, we love to see you smile and laugh out your heart.

Have you ever been in a social gathering and you find something really funny but you couldn’t laugh because you had a bad dentition? You are not alone, we have helped other customers get their magic smile back with our dental implants in Costa Rica. If you don’t feel too happy with your dentition or you find a fault in it, what you need to do is visit us for a proper dental implant. Our dental implants give you a firm and perfect replacement to your old dentition, after getting your new dental implants from us at Sonria Dental Boutique, you will be confident and smile in such a way that you wish you found us earlier. Another good news is that at Costa Rica Dental Prices you save up to 70% of your usual dental cost when you get your dental implants in Costa Rica from our Dental Boutique.

What are you waiting for? it’s all about your smile!

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