Dental Treatment for Bad Breath in Costa Rica
Dental Treatment for Bad Breath in Costa Rica
January 15, 2020
What Questions to Ask a Dentist in Costa Rica?
What Questions Should You Ask a Dentist in Costa Rica?
January 17, 2020
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Bad Habits That Hurt Your Teeth

Do you know that you are damaging your teeth unconsciously due to some bad habits?

Brushing twice a day and flossing once in a day are not enough to take care of your precious teeth. The food that we eat and our daily habits also affect our teeth and can cause some serious damage.

The majority of people over the age of 55 regret not taking proper care of their teeth when they were young. They often wish they could go back in time and focus more on their oral health. Here are some of the bad habits that hurt your teeth.

1. Brushing Too Hard

This is an extremely common mistake that we make every day. Brushing the teeth with excessive force does not remove stains, but it does weaken the enamel and lead to gum abrasion. This can cause severe problems in the future.

The dentists in Costa Rica advise brushing twice a day by holding a toothbrush with two fingers and the thumb. It will provide the ideal pressure to clean the teeth. Furthermore, use a soft bristle toothbrush and change it every 3 months.

2. Poor Eating Habits

A. Sugary Treats

If you have a sweet tooth, then you may be inviting the biggest enemy of your teeth. Cavities are a common tooth issue among kids who eat a lot of sugar treats.

B. Acidic Foods and Drinks

Grapefruits, lemons, and oranges have acidic composition which can erode the enamel of your teeth. Few people recommend brushing the teeth after the intake of such fruits. However, you should not brush your teeth for at least a half an hour after having these fruits because it activates bacteria in the mouth. Activated bacteria can weaken the enamel, causing more harm than good.

C. Drinks Before Bed

Drinking milk before bedtime is a common practice around the globe. If you don’t brush before going to bed, the food and drink particles will remain in your mouth and react with your teeth the whole night.

Experienced Costa Rica dentists advise brushing your teeth before bedtime.

D. Chewing Ice Cubes

Although ice is sugar-free and neutral in composition, it is a cold cube that can break, crack, or hurt the soft teeth tissues, leading to toothaches.

3. Using the Teeth as a Tool

A lot of us use our teeth to tear or open different packages. By performing such actions, we put ourselves at a greater risk of cracking the teeth and injuring the jaw. Stop using your teeth as a tool and your teeth will thank you.

If you change these simple bad habits, you can boost your oral health. Don’t forget to see your dentist for regular checkups. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all dental treatments in Costa Rica, you should visit Sonria Dental Boutique website.

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