Smile Makeover Package

Price: $3.600 USD

The Cosmetic Smile Makeover Dental Vacation Package is designed for the patient that wants a whiter, brighter and stunning smile by utilizing Porcelain Veneers.

Affordable Dental Vacation Packages: Smile Makeover Package.

The Sonria Dental Clinic team will design with you the ideal shape, size and color you desire. Your Makeover Smile will look healthier and more youthful so you can smile at the world with confidence.

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This Dental Vacation Package Includes

  • 6 Aesthetic Porcelain Veneers
  • 1 Laser Whitening
  • 1 Dental Cleaning
  • 2 Panoramic X-rays (before and after treatment)
  • Transportation from and to the Airport
  • Transportation to and from your dental appointments
  • 1-day tour

Not included

This package does not include root canals, post and cores, extractions, bone grafts or anything not listed above

Logistics of the Trip

The patient should plan on being in Costa Rica for 5 full working days. Monday through Friday are working days. During your visit, the procedures require several appointments (typically 3 appointments are necessary. Each appointment hinges to the next appointment.


When comparing the cost for the same quality of porcelain, skill and expertise of our Sonria Cosmetic Team you could expect to pay in excess of $8,500.00 in the USA and $3,600.00 at Sonria Dental Clinic. Even if you include the cost of flights, hotels, extras and dental care, you will save approximately 50% by coming to Sonria Dental Clinic.

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