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January 1, 2019
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January 11, 2019
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The Connection between Dental Illnesses and Mental Illnesses | Costa Rica Dental Implants

Almost 17.6% of the American population is affected by mental illnesses. Since it is so prevalent in our society, it is important to counter all the causes of such mental illnesses. Experts in psychology have found a high connection between poor oral health and mental illnesses. This is why it is important to seek treatment like Costa Rica dental implants at once. Expert dentists like Sonria Dental Boutique can actually help you overcome any mental issues that may come with dental care.

Get Costa Rica Dental Implants At Once

There are a lot of people that neglect their dental issues since they feel as though they can’t afford them. Local prices of the US and Canada are really high but Costa Rica dental implants cost 80% less. In the United States, a dental implant can cost up to $5000, while in Costa Rica it costs $750 to $1000. Neglecting treatment can worsen the problem and even cause physical illnesses like diabetes and cancer. This is why it is better to get your dental issues fixed before you face any of the mental illnesses below:

1.    Depression

Depressive persons are the most common group with dental cavities. It can lead to missing teeth that creates issues with speaking, eating, and self-esteem. Such dental problems can make the mental health of any person deteriorate. Some depressive patients may also see an increase in dental problems due to side effects of anti-depressants. If you have a missing tooth, it is better to get Costa Rica dental implants before the domino effect beginnings. This is why one lose tooth displaces the position of others as well.

2.    Anxiety

A really common way to cope with anxiety is smoking, which can lead to all sorts of oral problems. Cavities and staining of teeth can deteriorate the health of the teeth. Other medical conditions that can arise are abscesses, cellulitis, pulp lesions, and gingival. Dentist related anxiety can also prevent you from seeking medical help. This is why it is important to seek Costa Rica dental implants from professionals like Sonria Dental Boutique. They understand the problems that patients may face and are accommodating to their personal needs.

3.    Schizophrenia

61% of patients that have schizophrenia suffer from really bad dental hygiene. They can develop teeth loss, severe cavities, and dry mouth. They actually have a really high risk of developing dental problems due to the medication as well. The antipsychotic drugs are often known to cause tremors that can hinder activities like brushing the teeth. In such cases, it is important to get a dentist to give you Costa Rica dental implants or other treatments to ensure that your teeth are in great condition.

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