Getting Specialist Care in Costa Rica
Why Choose Specialist Care in Costa Rica?
May 27, 2019
Costa Rica Root Canal
Costa Rica Root Canal: Is It Painful?
June 1, 2019
  • Will the dental implants be immediately loaded and have a screw retained temporary or permanent restoration?.  (very bad idea with extractions and bone grafts on the upper for immediate load)
  • Will they be utilizing a dental 3D imaging CT scan and possibly a surgical guide?.
  • Do they use only ADA approved products?.  Provide you a list of main products they utilize and research these products
  • What type of bone do they use for bone graft (cadaver, bovine, plastic/bone, synthetic)?. Provide you with the brand name and ask to see proof
  • Do they use L-PRF (Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin) to enhance bone growth?.
  • What brand of implants do they use. Do they import their own brand or an ADA approved brand (Zimmer or Straumann)?.  Have them provide you with the serial numbers to confirm brand.  There are many knock-off brands and generic brands that are made to look like ADA approved branded implants.
  • Who is actually doing your dental surgery. General Dentist or a certified Implantologist or Oral Surgeon?   Have them provide you with the certifications and qualifications and then check with the regulatory board that certifies their education. 
  • What type of sterilizer do they use.  Do they have a record of the spore test to guarantee the sterilizer is working?. Ask to see the report.
  • When you arrive, ask to look into the dental drawers. See if there are unwrapped instruments. See if there are generic products.  Double check the sterilization methods.  Are the treatment rooms clean and what chemicals are used to sterilize the room to protect you from blood borne pathogens?.
  • If you chose IV sedation. Is it administered by a Licensed Anesthesiologist or by a dentist or office staff? 
  • What type of life support supplies and equipment will they have on site if you choose IV sedation?.

Your safety is the main concern at Sonria Dental Boutique.  It is our pleasure to provide your exceptional dentistry at a fraction of the cost in the USA.

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