Costa Rica has become a dental tourism hub. Here are eight reasons why you should choose Sonria Dental Boutique for your dental treatment in Costa Rica.
Why Should You Choose Sonria Dental Boutique?
January 20, 2020
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January 28, 2020
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Get Your Dentures from Sonria Dental Boutique

Get Your Dentures from Sonria Dental Boutique

If you have lost all or almost all of your teeth, then you should get full dentures treatment from Sonria Dental Boutique in Costa Rica. You can also go for partial dentures option if you have some missing teeth.

Who are Considered the Right Candidate for Full or Partial Dentures?

This is a common question. People ask why they should choose dentures over other dental procedures for the lost teeth. Dental implants are usually preferred for lost teeth treatment.

However, there are various reasons why people choose dentures. Some of them are:

  • Any medical condition such as diabetes, poor blood circulation, etc. that doesn’t qualify the patient for dental implants
  • The patient has any health risk with dental surgery
  • Financial limitations as dental implants are expensive than dentures
  • Patient’s jawbone is severely weak

If you have any of the above-mentioned issues, then you are the right candidate for dentures.

Dentures Procedure in Sonria Dental Boutique

Firstly, your existing decayed or damaged teeth will be removed. After the removal of your teeth, dentures are designed and made according to your teeth shape and size. You may require some follow up adjustments as the gum shrinks after the removal of teeth. These adjustments are necessary to ensure a proper fit.

Your Sonria Dental Boutique’s dentist will teach you the technique of inserting and removing the dentures. This way you will learn about its proper fitting.

Partial dentures cover some missed teeth place only. It may be comparatively hard to wear than full dentures. People often force partial dentures so that it fits the missing teeth area. This breaks its clasp. However, you should not worry as Sonria Dental Boutique’s dentist will guide you properly about its fitting process. With some practice, you will become an expert in wearing them.

Benefits of Getting Full or Partial Dentures from Sonria Dental Boutique

The following are the major benefits of getting full or partial denture treatment from Sonria Dental Boutique:

  • It improves your chewing ability
  • It can help to improve your speech
  • It protects the jawbone shape and structure
  • It improves your appearance
  • It avoids lip flattening
  • It avoids wrinkle formation
  • It protects chin protrudes
  • It enhances your smile

Cost of Dentures in Costa Rica

A pair of dentures in the US will cost you about $1,800 to $2,000 whereas; similar pair of dentures will cost you as little as $500 to $600 in Costa Rica. Charges of other requirements of the procedure, such as X-Rays, CT Scan, etc., are also minimal in Costa Rica. You can save up to 50 to 70% by getting dentures from expert and professional dentists of Sonria Dental Boutique.

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