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January 17, 2020
Get Your Dentures from Sonria Dental Boutique
Get Your Dentures from Sonria Dental Boutique
January 20, 2020
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Why Should You Choose Sonria Dental Boutique?

Why Should You Choose Sonria Dental Boutique

Dental tourism in Costa Rica is growing exponentially. The number of dental tourists in Costa Rica from America is increasing day-by-day. One of the major reasons is that American’s health and dental insurance plans do not cover major dental work. They are looking for cheaper dental options with a high-quality service. Costa Rica fulfills this need by offering a significant saving. Dental treatments in Costa Rica are 50 to 70 percent cheaper than the ones in the United States, without compromising on the quality.

Sonria Dental Boutique is among the top dental clinics in Costa Rica. It was ranked # 1 dental clinic in Costa Rica by the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide. Here are eight reasons why should you choose Sonria Dental Boutique for your dental treatments.

Low Dental Prices

Sonria Dental Boutique offers affordable dental prices. You will get a 50 to 70% discount compared to that of the US. This means you can save up a significant amount by getting your dental treatment here with us.

Verified Clinic

It is important to be a verified and licensed clinic in Costa Rica. Sonria Dental Boutique is one of them. It is a licensed clinic from the Costa Rican government. This means it is a credible dental clinic.

Trained Dentists

Sonria Dental Boutique has hired specialized dentists for common treatments. Our dentists have studied at least 5 years in college and further 2-3 years of specialization course. They are well-trained in their field. For example, Dr. Oriana Gonzalez is a famous prosthodontist in Costa Rica serving in our clinic.

Latest Technology and Procedures

These highly trained dentists and specialists are passionate about treating their patients. They use advanced treatment procedures to ensure that their patients get the best of service and comfort. Despite the low cost, Sonria Dental Boutique uses the latest technology and equipment. We use the latest method for teeth whitening i.e. zoom whitening; it uses laser technology.

Wide Range of Services

Sonria Dental Boutique offers a wide range of dental services. It includes dental veneersdental implantsfull and partial denturescosmetic dentistry treatments, and many others.

Friendly Staff

One major reason why Sonria Dental Boutique has been ranked # 1 is its friendly staff. We have a friendly environment which comforts the dental tourists. Our staff speaks Spanish as well as English. Our patients feel relaxed with our upscale facilities. Other than this, the light music and aroma in the air add to the comfortable experience of our patients. Therefore, our reception area is often compared with the spa.

Personalized Care

Sonria Dental Boutique is well-known for its high-quality service. We give personalized care to our patients. We listen to them thoroughly and provide them the dental treatments keeping in mind their medical record, age, sensitivity and severity issues. Choose Sonria Dental Boutique and enjoy highly personalized care.

Other Arrangements

Numerous foreign patients get their treatment from us. Therefore, we understand the concerns of foreign patients. We help our patients in the arrangements of flight and hotel. We also provide our patients with pick and drop service to the clinic on the day of the appointment. These services are provided to ensure that our patients have an overall comfortable experience.

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