Benefits of Deep Cleaning Treatment in Costa Rica
Benefits of Deep Cleaning Treatment in Costa Rica
January 17, 2020
Costa Rica has become a dental tourism hub. Here are eight reasons why you should choose Sonria Dental Boutique for your dental treatment in Costa Rica.
Why Should You Choose Sonria Dental Boutique?
January 20, 2020
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Costa Rica Treatments for Diabetic Patients

According to a new government report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 100 million adults in the US have diabetics or prediabetes. That’s almost 1 in every 5 adults. Diabetes results in a high blood sugar level that causes problems for your body. You may get eye, kidney, nerve, and heart diseases due to diabetes.

Diabetic patients are unable to process sugar and transfer that energy to the cells. This means their cells have lesser energy. There are two common types of diabetics: I and II. Almost 95% of total diabetic patients belong to type II diabetics. It is higher as almost 50% of the patients do not know about their disease. They do not get their diagnosis or follow any preventive measures.

Diabetics and Oral Health

The dentists in Costa Rica understand that diabetic patients are different from others. The following are some of the problems that diabetics face and that can affect their oral health as well:

  1. Their blood sugar level can suddenly drop to very low levels and cause them to lose consciousness or experience fatigue.
  2. Diabetic patients often complain about dry mouth as they have less saliva in the mouth.
  3. They may feel excessively thirsty
  4. Their gums can bleed often
  5. They feel gum inflammation
  6. They are more prone to tooth cavities
  7. Their healing process after the treatment tends to be slow
  8. Their teeth may weaken or suffer damage
  9. They have problem tasting food
  10. They are more susceptible to infections inside the mouth

Diabetic Patients are More Prone to Oral Diseases

Saliva protects our mouth from harmful bacteria. Due to the reduced level of saliva in the mouth, diabetic patients are easily attacked by them. This often results in tooth cavities and/or periodontal disease. This disease can destroy your gums and those harmful bacteria can reach to your jawbone as well. Periodontal disease is the most common dental disease affecting those living with diabetes. Nearly 22% of those diagnosed have reported the symptoms of periodontal disease. Due to poor blood sugar control, diabetic patients are more prone to gum diseases. Their teeth can easily become loose and start falling.

Sonria Dental Boutique Treatment for Diabetic Patients

At Sonria Dental Boutique, we recommend our patients to get their blood sugar test done before the treatment starts. This helps us to plan and design treatments that can suit their needs.

Other than this, Sonria Dental Boutique offers deep cleaning treatment. It decreases the progression of gum diseases and improves blood sugar control. If you are a diabetic patient and want to get the best quality dental treatment, contact us and book your appointment.

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