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July 23, 2014
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February 1, 2016

If you are tempted to postpone having the dental care you need, Sonria Dental Boutique would like to give you a gentle nudge and encourage you to talk to one of our dentists today about setting up a realistic plan of action to get treatment as soon as possible.

Why act today?

Acting now could reduce your dental bills.

It makes sense. If you have a broken tooth or need a filling, and you postpone your visit to the dentist, you increase the likelihood that your tooth will become infected and you will need a root canal and a crown. A relatively simple treatment becomes more complex and expensive. And if you postpone treatment even longer, you could easily end up with an infection so deep that it may not be possible to save the tooth. You may need an extraction and a bridge or dental implant, which are even more expensive.

Not only is it important to act quickly for economic reasons, your health is at stake. Supporting your overall health is an important goal of modern dental treatment. Obviously, it is always better to retain your natural teeth in a healthy state whenever possible. But dental treatment isn’t just about teeth. We are seeing new information all the time that suggests that timely dental treatment can help you in other ways as well.

For example, a recent study by the University of Pennsylvania shows a correlation between periodontal treatment, lower medical costs and reduced frequency of doctor visits for women who are pregnant or for people who suffer from diseases that are linked to periodontal disease including type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

The study analyzed insurance claim information from 340,000 individuals who were pregnant or had one of the diseases listed. The reductions in medical bills meant savings of up to 74% for pregnant patients, and there were significant savings for other patients as well, for example, 40% for patients with diabetes.

Sonria Dental Boutique encourages you to act today because we care about your health. We offer our patients the best dental treatment experience possible (our patients love the spa-like setting and ultra relaxed atmosphere) at affordable prices.

Don’t make any more excuses. Call today. Do it for your health.

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