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It is estimated that up to 75% of US adults have some degree of dental fear. This causes many people to not have routine checkups and leads them to only seek dental care when something big has happened or there is an emergency like a severe toothache or dental abscess.

Visiting the Dentist: Putting Old Fears to Rest

Where did your fear of the dentist come from? Like most people, this fear came from a time when dentistry was not as advanced as it is today. Teenagers used to dread getting big, painful, ugly braces instead of choosing the color of bands they want for their nearly invisible tooth-colored braces today. Maybe your fear was from the time when you sat and suffered, listening to the dental drill, instead of listening to relaxing music with highly effective anesthetics that block discomfort.

Many patients carry the fear of the dentist that they learned in an earlier stage in life. Or they carry the fear of the dentist that they learned from their parents. But times have changed, and dentistry has advanced. Today’s methods and high-tech tools have improved dramatically. Anesthetics have improved to the point where pain-free dentistry is possible.

The dentists at Sonria Dental Boutique also know that the unexpected or unknown can create fear. That’s why they’re willing to discuss your procedure and answer any questions you have until you have all the information you feel you need.

During the procedure, you can always signal the dentist if you experience discomfort or need to take a break. We always treat our clients with warmth, kindness and gentleness. In fact, we have created such a gentle, compassionate way of working that our patients are glad to be here.

From the moment you step in the door, you’ll understand that this is a whole new era of advanced dentistry and place of human caring and your fears will melt away. You can call us with confidence. We look forward to giving you the care you need.

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