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Tooth Decay Risk Factors | Dental Teams in Costa Rica

Tooth decay is also known as cavities. It is a permanently damaged area on the hard surface of the tooth that results in small holes or openings. It can be caused by a number of reasons and is one of the most common dental problems that patients face. The professional dental teams in Costa Rica outline some risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing tooth decay. Sonria Dental Boutique has many solutions that you can use to treat tooth decay and keep it from getting worse.

Recommendations by Dental Teams in Costa Rica

If the tooth decay isn’t addressed by the dental teams in Costa Rica, it can begin to manifest in the deeper layers of the teeth and lead to infections, toothaches, and eventual tooth loss. It is important to develop good oral habits and seek professional help to heal the tooth decay.

There are some risk factors for tooth decay, which you should keep in mind. If you face any of the following risk factors, then you should consult with the expert dentists in Costa Rica at once.

  • Tooth location has a huge impact since decay often occurs in the back teeth. These teeth can often collect a lot of food particles, and they are harder to clean.
  • Foods and drinks like candies, cookies, cake, dried fruit, soda, sugar, honey, and chips can cling to the teeth and cause decay since they feed harmful bacteria.
  • Slow sipping and frequent snacking can cause the mouth to be constantly bathed in acidic substances. It also increases the number of harmful bacteria in your mouth, which causes disturbances in saliva production and enhances tooth decay.
  • Going to bed without brushing the teeth leads to a mouth full of food and lingering liquids. This causes the bacteria to work all night long. While sleeping, the flow of saliva also slows down, causing more decay.
  • Improper brushing can leave behind food particles causing tooth decay. The dental teams in Costa Rica have highlighted the proper way to brush teeth, which you should learn. 
  • Old age also increases the likelihood of tooth decay since enamel can wear out and gums may recede. Side effects from medication of diabetes and high blood pressure can also cause dry mouth, which reduces the flow of saliva. This makes the teeth more vulnerable to decay.
  • Low fluoride intake can increase the risk for cavities and break down the enamel.
  • Old fillings or dental devices can become weak, develop rough edges, or even break down. If they don’t fit well, it can enhance tooth decay and allow plaque to build up.
  • Reflux and stomach acid can disturb the pH level of the mouth. According to the expert dental teams in Costa Rica, this can cause an increase in harmful bacteria and a decrease in saliva production.

Eating disorders like bulimia can lead to tooth decay, erosion, and cavities.

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