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December 17, 2018
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Costa Rica Dental Vacations Can Make Your Life Easier

Prolonging or neglecting dental problems is actually the worst thing you can do. Oral health actually has an effect on your physical health as well. Bad dental health can cause all sorts of problems like diabetes, cancer, ulcers, high blood pressure, etc. However, many patients in Canada and the US actually continue to neglect their dental issues due to the high prices in the region. For such patients, Costa Rica dental vacations are the best solution. Costa Rican dental clinics like Sonria Dental Boutique can actually help make your life easier by solving all of your dental issues.

Why Choose Costa Rica Dental Vacations?

There are many reasons why international patients are choosing to opt for Costa Rica dental vacations. Here are few listed below.

1.     Prices

The prices in Costa Rica for dental procedures are 60-80% less, which is a huge margin. For example, a dental implant in the US would cost an easy $5000. While on Costa Rica dental vacations, you will just have to spend $750 to $1000 on a dental implant.

2.     Comfort and Convenience

Costa Rica dental vacations allow you to visit state-of-the-art facilities like Sonria Dental Boutique. Such dental clinics have a very relaxed atmosphere and provide personalized care for all their patients. They are also used to international patients and speak fluent English. This means that you will have no problem discussing your dental issues. You will be able to take a Costa Rica dental vacation easily since flights are always available as well.

3.     Expert Treatment

Costa Rica dental vacations also offer some of the best dentists in the world. For example, Sonria Dental Boutique has a team consisting of an implantologist, prosthodontist, periodontist, and endodontist. This means that you will definitely have specialized care for any problem that you may have.

They also have up-to-date technology and equipment. Costa Rica has strict guidelines for such equipment since they promote dental tourism. This is why most dental clinics import their equipment from the US.

4.     Relaxing Vacation

Costa Rica dental vacations also allow you the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and relaxing tourist destinations in the country. The area has several national parks like the Irazu National Park and Arenal Volcano. It also has amazing sandy beaches that you can rest on like the Tortuguero and Manuel Antonio Beach. They also have several rainforests like the Monteverde and the Cloud Forests where you can explore and see local animals.

5.     Solve All Your Dental Troubles

Neglecting dental problems will actually serve to decrease your quality of life. It can create problems with speaking and eating. This is why it is important to go for affordable options like
Costa Rica dental vacations rather than endanger your health.

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