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March 13, 2017
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February 6, 2018
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Dental Tourists from all parts over the world prefer Costa Rica for dental work.

Today a large number of dental tourists from all parts over the world are setting out for Costa Rica to look for different sorts of dental work. Reason? The increase of costs of dental procedures in America and Europe, obviously, this is the prime reason that pushes many individuals from these nations to look for medical treatments somewhere else.

Why Choose Costa Rica?

Prevalence of Costa Rican dental tourism can be resolved from the insights gave by the Council to the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine (PROMED), in which the chamber expresses that almost 25,000 medical tourists went to Costa Rica past years, of which about 36% visited for some dental work.

Also, Costa Rica dental services are positioned higher than the US by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Costa Rican dentistry is regularly viewed as the best on the planet as far as cost and nature of the dental treatment and methodology.

Costa Rica Dental Vacations

Situated amongst Panama and Nicaragua in Central America, this little province’s fundamental offering point is that it offers a wide range of dentistry methods at Prices that are roughly 50-75% of the US, UK, Canada, and most well-off nations. Since the dental treatments in Costa Rica are less expensive it doesn’t mean in any capacity that it would be of lower quality.

Visit Sonria Dental Boutique and be welcomed with the most sophisticated equipment in the dental field, the kind of confidence and joy you will derive just by stepping in alone is enough to heal your dental imperfection but we will still go ahead to make sure you leave with an awesome smile.

Another significant attraction is the accessibility of a wide range of dental treatments, going from basic treatments like Dental Cleanings to Full Mouth Reconstruction.

The trained Costa Rica dental specialists in Sonria Dental Boutique can relate and converse with you in English and offer ultimate post-surgery care till you travel back to your country.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

As Costa Rica is very near the US and Canada, it has a tendency to be an advantageous and engaging decision for American and Canadian natives. The nation’s vicinity to these nations makes American and Canadian patients’ dental excursion to this adjacent nation exceptionally easy.

Given that Dental Costs are less expensive in Costa Rica than different nations, vacationers can exploit the reserve funds they make on their dental work to take care of the expense of the excursion and pay for an unwinding occasion a short time later.

Contact us today to change the way you smile!

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