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Post-Operative Dental Care and Guidelines by Costa Rica Dentists

Every dental procedure requires different post-operative care so that it can heal quickly. Some clinics may gloss over these important procedures due to time constraints, which is why you need to see professional Costa Rica dentists like Sonria Dental Boutique that have time to take proper care of you.

Post-Operative Care for Crown and Bridge Recommended by Costa Rica Dentists at Sonria Dental Boutique

  • Expert Costa Rica dentists recommend flossing the new, permanent tooth just like the natural tooth.
  • It is also necessary to avoid eating hard foods for a while which can damage the crown or break it. Foods to avoid include hard candies, nuts, and ice cubes.
  • If you are in a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep, use a night guard. Costa Rica dentists can easily spot if you have a habit of grinding your teeth.

Post-Operative Care for Dental Implants Recommended by Costa Rica Dentists

  • Avoid removing the gauze after the procedure to minimize bleeding. Putting light pressure on the new dental implants can decrease the pain as well.
  • It is recommended to avoid smoking for at least a week after receiving dental implants.
  • Pain medication can also mix with alcohol and give negative side effects. Avoid consuming alcohol for some time.
  • Costa Rica dentists also make sure patients properly apply an ice bag to the facial area for at least 15 minutes.
  • It is also recommended to avoid brushing teeth for 8 hours after receiving dental implants.

Post-Operative Dental Care for Dentures Recommended by Costa Rica Dentists

  • Dentures need some adjustment period
  • It is important to eat soft foods at first and practice speaking
  • See the Costa Rica dentist again for progress observation and adjustments. Inform them about any difficulties in speaking or chewing, looseness, or soreness.
  • Sleep without the dentures to allow the gum tissue some rest.
  • Clean the dentures occasionally with cleaning solutions.

Post-Operative Dental Care for Extractions Recommended by Costa Rica Dentists

  • It will take a few days for the body to naturally heal the area
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for a few days.
  • Make sure to avoid crunchy or hard foods, as well as toothpicks.
  • Costa Rica dentists also apply ice bags to the facial area to provide relief from the pain.
  • Eat soft foods

Choosing the Right Dental Clinic

A lot of patients perfect clinics like Sonria Dental since they have a lot of benefits. Even though it uses highly trained individuals who indulge in post-operative dental care, as well as the latest technology, patients prefer Costa Rica dental prices. They are 70% cheaper than USA or Canadian clinics, which is why patients prefer to go to Costa Rica dentists for dental procedures. Sonria Dental Boutique is the best option if you want inexpensive procedures by trained professionals.

Also Sonria Dental Boutique is Featured as the Best Costa Rica Dental Clinic according to The Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide, which gives you more reasons to trust the professionals at Sonria Dental Boutique.

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