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Sonria Dental Boutique Ranked #1 Dental Clinic Despite Low Costa Rica Dental Prices

Sonria Dental Boutique Ranked #1 Dental Clinic Despite Low Costa Rica Dental Prices

There are a lot of reasons why Sonria Dental Boutique was ranked #1 by the Costa Rica Dental Tourism Guide. Despite the low Costa Rica Dental Prices of the dental clinic, Sonria Dental Boutique continues to provide the highest quality service with the latest technology.

Why is Sonria Dental Clinic So Popular for Dental Tourism?

There are many reasons why patients continue to choose Sonria Dental Boutique for their dental needs.

1. Costa Rica Dental Prices

Dental procedures in the United States and Canada cost 70 percent more than Costa Rican dental prices. Costa Rica is quickly becoming the hub for dental tourism in Latin America since a lot of patients before the inexpensive prices of the region.

2. Friendly Environment

Costa Rica dental prices are low all over the region; however, Sonria Dental Boutique ranked #1 for other reasons too. They are popular since they provide their patients with a relaxed atmosphere in their upscale facilities. They make sure that you are comfortable, which is why they have personalized care for all their patients. Their private rooms are designed to leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable.

3. Expert Treatment

Highly trained dentists and specialists work at the clinic. They hire internationally trained doctors and specialists that excel in different procedures. For dental implant patients, they have a Ph.D. Implantologist, while the on-call Prosthodontist takes care of any procedures in the clinic. Such trained Costa Rica Dental Team is necessary to make sure that you receive the best care possible. The trained professionals and specialists are available in low Costa Rica dental prices which set Sonria Dental Boutique apart from the rest.

4. Latest Technology

Despite the low Costa Rica dental prices, Sonria Dental Boutique also uses the best equipment and technology possible. Incorporation of such technology was necessary since the dental clinic set high care as a priority. The lab technicians and assistants are also trained to use the technology in the most efficient way possible. This makes procedures as painless as possible and results in low future problems.

Choose the Right Clinic

Low Costa Rica dental prices coupled with highly trained professionals and expert care sounds like a dream; however, Sonria Dental Boutique has made this possible. It strives to take care of their patients in the best way possible and allows them a great experience. This is the main reason why Sonria Dental Boutique Ranked #1 Dental Clinic in Costa Rica.

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