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Why do Patients Prefer Female Costa Rica Dentists | Dr. Oriana Gonzalez

Why do Patients Prefer Female Costa Rica Dentists| Dr. Oriana Gonzalez

Studies show that patients feel more relaxed around female dentists which may be one of the main reasons that they prefer such dentists. One of the leading Costa Rica dentists is Dr. Oriana Gonzalez. Patients from all over the region travel to visit her for dental problems. This is because she is the lead Prosthodontist at Sonria Dental Boutique.

Why Choose Female Costa Rica Dentists?

Patients from all over the region can gauge a lot of benefits if they visit a female Costa Rica dentist. There are many psychological benefits that can help patients such as:

  • A lighter approach: Female dentists have statistically smaller hands that let them access all the areas in the mouth for increased effective treatments. They also opt for more conservative options that can perfectly solve the issue and cost less for the patient as well. Costa Rica dentists already cost the patients less money and when expert treatment can be taken at low costs, why wouldn’t you opt for female Costa Rica dentists.
  • Prevention is Key: Female dentists actually recommend more prevention measures to patients. This helps them save a lot of patients from dental problems in the future as well as dental costs. Prevention treatments like fluoride treatments help patients in the long run.
  • Taking Care of Anxiety: Going to the dentist has a lot of stigma and fear attached to it. With such fear, anxiety among patients is really common. Studies show that female dentists can calm patients down relatively easily since they have better listening skills. This helps them feel more comfortable and secure in the dentist’s chair.
  • Pediatric Dental Problems: Female dentists also allow children to feel more at ease. They are also more likely to help prevent future problems by recommending a preventive treatment like fluoride use to young patients.

Why Choose Female Costa Rica Dentists | Dr. Oriana Gonzalez – Costa Rica Dentists

Female DentistsDr. Oriana Gonzalez has studied Prosthodontics internationally and serves to excel in this field. She has had thousands of patients under her care who have all left with positive reviews. She has been working in the dental field for almost two decades and continues to change the face of dentistry in the region. She is part of the Member of Dental Surgeons College of Costa Rica (National Dentist Association) and has been hailed for her research work in dentistry.

Our Costa Rica Dentists share our commitment to your comfort and wellbeing. Each Costa Rica dentist in our clinic is a highly trained specialist in both in dental procedures, technology, and materials, as well as in delivering warm, friendly service. What makes it even better is that our Costa Rica Dentists are also top-notch graduates of prestigious dental schools and speak fluent English.

Sonria Dental Boutique provides the best care with highly trained Costa Rica dentists. They offer inexpensive treatments that can ease your dental condition and provide you with excellent care. Contact Sonria Dental Boutique now for your dental issues.

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